• HouseYellow

Ludovico Ausiello, acoustic engineer and professional musician, is an old friend of mine who recently asked me to design the logotype for his new activity. After working for many big names of the acoustic and loud-speaker industry, such as Tannoy just to name one, he went on to set up his own consultancy.
Being an Italian professional working in english-speaking environments, his name – a not-too-easy one to pronounce correctly if you’re not Italian – has always been a bit of a problem.

To allow people to pronounce it the right way, Ludovico has always explained:”It sounds like the two words House and Yellow together.” and that’s where the name of his consultancy comes from.
After a ideas that used phonemes, I ended up designing a logotype built around the yellow house as a place where his two souls –
acoustic engineer and musician – could find their origin and merge.